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Net Income Solutions


Net Income Solutions is a fairly new Freebie Forum.  For those of you that are Freebie Traders already, you know that there was a shift in traffic recently that has brought a lot more traffic to Net Income Solutions.  To Trade on NIS you need to to use the Zbest Freebie sites.  As an experienced trader I was apprehensive to try to complete so many sites after having done over 30 already.  In order to have a paying for referrals thread you need to complete 5 Zbest Freebies sites.  I went back and forth about trying it.  I like the idea that once I did that, I would get traders assigned to me (you need to subscribe to the paying for referrals area-which costs $30 a month or $75 for 3 months) as well as traders that came to me through my blog or finding my posts.  But, I also knew it would cost me some money to do it.  I had done so many offers that there were very few cheap ones left for me.

I finally decided to go for it after hearing my friend Chris Deals tell me how many referrals he was getting and how well the system was working.  I figured I might spend a few hundered dollars, but in the end it would be an investment in my freebie business.

It wasn’t easy but, I did it!!  I completed the 5 sites.  I had to put out some money to do it but, I am glad I did.  First of all it reminded me about all the offers and I got a fresh look at new ones so I can share my experiences with my mentees.  I also found that I loved the crediting.  The ZbestFreebie sites credited overall incredibly well.  That is something that is very important to me.  I also found customer support quick to answer my questions another plus!!  Yesterday I greened my fifth site and subscribed to the paying for referrals forum.  In less then 24 hours since then, I have had three sign ups!!  So, I must say I am happy I made the investment to get involved at NIS!!  I highly recomend it to those serious  traders!!  If you think you would like to check out Net Income Solutions my user id is onnaholl.  Just click the link and then you can sign up and check it out for yourself!  You’ll be happy you did!!

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    donday esta la officiena day resivair

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    how goes it, hero ic blog on lardy loss. aforesaid helped.

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    Hi can yu please send me an email telling me more about NIS.

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